What’s The Best Fleshlight? We Rate The Top 3 and Crown The Winner

The Best Fleshlight?

Only one Fleshlight typically reigns supreme per year. We break down the top Fleshlights and crown the best Fleshlight! Here is our list of the top 3 with our #1 pick at the bottom of the page.

#3 Stamina Training Unit or Fleshlight STU

best fleshlight stu

Orifice: Vagina

The STU Fleshlight has been a consistent champion in the Fleshlight line of products. The reason is simple, it feels damn good.

Fleshlight STU review

Considered one of the most intense and pleasurable Fleshlights ever created… it doesn’t disappoint. This Fleshlight, has a similar diameter as the Super-Tight (½”) sleeve. However, there are rows and rows of bumps (see pic).

Bumps don’t sound sexy, but the feeling definitely is.

This texture… feels awesome and increases in intensity as you get closer to orgasm, similar to other sleeves of course.

The STU is a force to be reckoned with, it will send you into pleasure heaven. Its for this reason that ILF created a whole product category just for the Fleshlight STU.

The premise is that it is a training unit to help you control your orgasm better. Again, intensity rapidly increases as you get closer to orgasm. Because of the nature of the bumps caressing your penis on every single stroke, you can be rest assured that this will guaranty pleasure. I highly recommend this to first time Fleshlight buyers and is a sleeve that’s also great for curing Death Grip Syndrome!

We really had trouble not crowning this the best fleshlight… but darn it, there are 2 others that really feel damn good.

Check out the STU Fleshlight here

#2 Fleshlight Swallow

what is the best fleshlight

Orifice: Mouth

Many guys have been raving about this Fleshlight, and its no wonder. Its ribbed texture is a guaranteed win. Expect heavenly pleasure.

Fleshlight Swallow Review

Looking at the Fleshlight swallow at first glance wouldn’t make you think it’d provide an intense feeling. There is something truly magical about the ribbed texture. It was a truly pleasurable feeling sliding in and feeling the caress of the bumps and ribs along my shaft.

I want to say that thankfully this texture did not feel like the super-ribbed texture (which wasn’t that great). Without going super balls-deep, I don’t think most guys would reach the tight canal at the end. But the end doesn’t really have much texture so I could care less, ha.

The texture consistently sucked some of the best orgasms out of me every time I use it. This texture requires a longer breaking in period than other textures since its a little more subtle. You must make sure to have cured DGS prior to using this texture or you just won’t appreciate it.

This texture is exclusive to the Fleshlight Girls collection. Last time I checked, every girl had this sleeve as an option, you’ll have to scroll down to see it for each girl’s page.

Personally I went here and picked Lisa Ann’s Swallow Texture. Mostly because she’d fulfill my cougar fantasies, haha. I think she’s super hot, everyone else will have their own taste. Many girls to choose from.

Honestly, this insert  was so damn close to being considered our best Fleshlight, but… there was one more, keep on reading.

There are actually two versions of this sleeve. The difference is mostly with the canal near the end of the ribs. I have the older model and so I can’t say if there is a major difference, but my assumption is probably no difference at all… at least from what other people have been saying.

#1 Fleshlight Primal*

best fleshlight primal

Orifice: Vagina

Its time to crown the winner. A consistent favorite among many Fleshlight users as well as mine, makes this the top choice of 2011.

Fleshlight Primal Review

Read my complete Fleshlight Primal Review here.

This sleeve looks fairly similar to the Destroya and Gauntlet so I was happy to find out it felt a lot different (in a very good way). This is a multitexture sleeve as you can see by the complexity of the internal design. It actually combines rows of teeth from the swallow and a lotus node to give a combo feeling. It does the job and gives you really intense orgasms. I barely get through the node, but the node really feels as if you’re hitting the cervix of girl. Pushing through the lotus node as you cum feels damn good!

Bottomline: The Fleshlight Primal texture is my absolute favorite sleeves by miles. What I really like about this is that it is the perfect balance of aesthetics, sensations, and realism. It way they designed the texture really makes it feel like the real thing. More over, it is featured in the Fleshlight Euro Girls collection so you have the benefit of have a good looking vaginal orifice to play with. The multi-texture gives awesome sensations that do a great job at caressing your cock to orgasm. All these factors make this the best Fleshlight of 2011.

How to order:

  1. Most of the textures, especially the new ones like the Fleshlight Primal are textures that belong to the Fleshlight Girls or Fleshlight Girls Euro product lines.
  2. The Fleshlight Primal is only available in the Fleshlight Girls Euro collection. So if you want to get the primal Fleshlight, you would go to the Fleshlight Girls Euro page here.
  3. Then you would pick a girl that you think is the hottest. I would suggest picking the girl with the hottest vagina orifice.
  4. Lastly, you would pick the texture. Not all the euro girls have the primal texture, so you would have to navigate through all the different girls (which is really fun, they have super sexy erotic pics).

I picked Suzie Carina Primal Fleshlight when I got mine.

>>Get the Suzie Carina Primal Fleshlight

>>Or just check out all the Fleshlight Euro Girls


The Primal was actually re-released, there was an older model prior to the Fleshlight Euro Girls. You can see the slight differences in the images posted above. However, I will say that I felt no difference at all. So if you are an original Primal owner, no need to worry. The new one feels the same.


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