Fleshlight Reviews – “Should I really buy this?”

This Fleshlight review is broken up into a few key parts:

  • The first part is me talking about my personal experience with the Fleshlight.
  • The second part concludes with pros and cons (the bad and the good) about the Fleshlight.
  • And then the last section goes over what you need to strongly consider first before getting any Flesh light product.

Fleshlight review: My personal story

When I first heard about the Fleshlight sex toy, I laughed at the idea. But after being exposed to some of the marketing claims that its “the closest thing to real sex” and the “best simulator to sexual intercourse,” I couldn’t help but get super curious.

I mean, come on, what guy wouldn’t be drooling over something that promises these kinds of sensations.

fleshlight reviews

Finally tired of using your hand?

Sex definitely sells, lol.

But what really made things worst at the time was that I was going through a super long dry spell – I had broken up with my girlfriend 8 months prior. Now I was missing and craving for the sensations of sex again.

So after reading a bunch of Fleshlight reviews, I said “fuck it” and decided to buy a Flesh light to see what all the fuss was about. What was considered one the best Fleshlights at the time was the STU (Stamina Training Unit), so I went with that.

I remember the day I first saw it delivered to my doorstep. I felt like a freaking kid again being at Disneyland for the fist time.

No sooner than the deliver guy drive away that I rushed upstairs. I ripped the box open, pulled out the Flesh light sleeve for the first time (it was very Fleshy, lol), stuck it in the black casing and got myself ready.

I was unprepared, I had no lube… but of course, like an idiot I decided to just splash water on the damn thing and jam my dick into it.

Not a good idea.

fleshlight rug burn

Picture this, down there!

I got a massive rug burn, yeah. Ouch.

After a few days to recover, I decided to get smart and look up the best lube to get with the Flesh light. Supposedly you can’t use oil based lube, and the best one people were talking about was Astroglide.

More research ensued, could I get it at the local drugstore? Yup, check.

It turns out you can make your own lube with Xanthom gum and hot water, but the thing is that it decays after a few days and I didn’t want to deal with that mess, so I just went with Astroglide. It can also be bought through Amazon.

Alright, I was armed and ready. I slathered lube on myself and inside my sex toy very thoroughly, and penetrated. After a few thrusts, it felt decent… but I was expecting a whole lot better.

“Was this damn thing all hype?” I thought… were the Fleshlight reviews fake or BS?fleshlight review

Or maybe I was desensitized from my rug burn experience…

I did more research… it turns out I wasn’t the only one that was feeling this way.

But, it turns out it was due to a funny condition… but a very real one called, “Death Grip Syndrome.”

It would make this Fleshlight review ridiculously long to talk about it here, so you can read my separate blog post here about it.

But basically its where your dick has greatly reduced sensitivity as a result of excessive masturbation – what healthy guy doesn’t suffer from this condition, is the REAL question, haha.

Okay, so the solution was to give myself time to regain sensitivity and use the Fleshlight more often.

I was a little skeptical still since I hate it when I buy something that doesn’t meet my expectations right away. But I gave it a chance regardless, because there isn’t a return policy for the Fleshlite, for obvious reasons.

However, things quickly began to change.

By day 5 of using my new sex toy, I was starting to really feel it. It felt so incredibly wet, silky, and good. I literally felt like I was fucking a girl raw. In fact I’ll remember this vividly, I literally had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. It was unbelievable. I must have shot a bucket load of cum inside it.

I couldn’t believe it. THIS is what other guys have been raving about.

So that’s my detailed, personal experience. I’ve bot a ton more Fleshlight products since then. And I’ve been with a bunch of different girls since then too, so I feel like I have a good grasp on the differences, pros, and cons.

Now let’s talk about the Fleshlight pros and cons

Pro #1) YES, it does like the real thing, especially if you warm your Fleshlight up in hot water before going at it.

Pro #2) Sex on demand.

Pro #3) A TON of variety. If you go visit the Fleshlight store here, you’ll see that there are so many products. The Fleshlight girls collection is my favorite, you can pick Fleshlights orifices that are molded from the real pussies of various porn stars, its awesome! And of course there’s tons of textures to choose from… however not all of them are good… that brings us to the first con.

Con #1) Not all Fleshlights are equal. In ILF’s (Flesh light company) attempt to satisfy fans and grow the company, they develop a lot of products and some of them aren’t that great. Like the Lotus texture for example, many guys complain that it doesn’t give enough stimulation. And especially the Fleshlite Original sleeve which has no texture, is a big thumbs down.

Con #2) Its kind of a hassle to cleanup. Some guys don’t mind, so maybe its preference or laziness. The biggest issues is with the very complex Fleshlight textures that really hold on to your cum and you have to be more thorough to clean it up.


The Pros are pretty solid and you can count on those. And it is possible to mitigate Con #1 by reading good reviews like the one you’re reading now so you don’t screw up and pick a dud.

Note: Many people want to know what the best Fleshlight is. I would check out my blog post here: What’s The Best Fleshlight? We Rate The Top 3 and Crown The Winner.

However, you can’t get around Con #2. But honestly, should that prevent you from wanting to experience the super realistic sensations of a pussy that you can fuck whenever you want? For me, heck no.

Now what you need to know before you get a Fleshlight

This will refer specifically to Con #1). The worst thing you can do is buy whatever you first see when you first visit the Fleshlight store. In fact, if you land on the official store, they will even recommend a texture as the best for beginners…. DON’T listen to this. Its terrible, trust me on this. There isn’t even a texture on this one, its literally the least pleasurable texture out there.

Read my blog post here on the picking the best Fleshlight.

But if you want to get straight to the point for first timers, I highly suggest getting the Stamina Training Unit (STU). If you want to learn more about the Fleshlight STU, you can read the review here. This particular texture is absolutely phenomenal. Its designed specifically to be extremely pleasurable and simulate intercourse and close as possible so that you can train yourself to last longer. You can check it out here.

However, the downside with the STU is that it doesn’t come in any of the Fleshlight Girls orifices… so the pussy isn’t as realistic looking at the others. But if we talk strictly about pure feeling, it is absolutely orgasmic.

If you want the look and fantasy of fucking one of the Fleshlight Girls products, then I would suggest getting the Primal texture. Again, you can read my fleshlight primal review here.

First-time Fleshlight buyers, follow these steps

  1. Get the Fleshlight STU or Primal
  2. Make sure to buy really good lube, I use Astroglide.
  3. The fun part, spend at least 5 days to break in your Fleshlight and reduce Death Grip Syndrome.
That’s it, hopefully you found this article to be one of the most insightful and real Fleshlight reviews out there. I enjoy writing reviews for Fleshlight sex toy products, so please feel free to shoot me an e-mail or something to give me feedback or questions! You can also comment below.


12 thoughts on “Fleshlight Reviews – “Should I really buy this?””

    1. Either go with the STU if especially if you’re a first-timer or get the Fleshlight Primal if you enjoy a more realistic pussy look.

  1. Hey man, been thinking about the Fleshlight a while. I wasn’t sure if this was the real deal, but you got my sold on it. I just bought the STU and I’m pretty excited. I’m a virgin, so I can’t wait to see what it feels like.

  2. is there any big difference between the fleshlight euro vs. fleshlight girls? There is a few distinct textures ya?

  3. Whats up, I just read any review a long time back and actually ordered it. This was nearly 2 months ago, and so I thought I would visit and let you be assured that I absolutely LOVE it. Props to you guy.

  4. Hey there, how easily is it to store the Fleshlite? I’ve a spouse and children, I wouldn’t like them to know about this, lol

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